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Oooo…that’s not sinister at all…

Welp, they’ve done it. They’ve mandated masks (ten days from now, which makes even less sense). That’s me and Uncle B confined to quarters again for a while. Him, because of scruples and me (pff! scruples?) because neurotic.

I’ll be interested to see how compliant people here are. It’s a £100 fine and it will be enforced by police, so largely unenforced then. There’s almost zero police presence outside big cities.

My guess? Women will comply and men will defy.

Speaking of compliance, Bill Gates And GAVI Vaccine Alliance are working on an AI-Powered ‘Trust Stamp’ to combine vaccine, biometric ID and payment processor. In West Africa. Of course.

They’ve been working on it since 2018, so it was conveniently COVID-ready. That’s much scarier than the bug.

Note the article (and the illustration above) are from a site called Humans Are Free which the Internet tells me is a hotbed of kookery. I suspect because they don’t believe in globular warmening. I vaguely feel like I’ve heard of it, but the webs are so big these days.

July 14, 2020 — 5:26 pm
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