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I didn’t feel a thing

That dip on the graph is a pressure wave from the volcanic eruption in Tonga, as recorded in Sussex. Per the article: “Tonga is just over 10 000 miles away and, at the speed of sound, that’s around 14 hours away.”

They said it would have a measurable impact on air pressure locally but we wouldn’t actually feel it, and it did come to pass. Though…doesn’t that look like a drop in pressure? Does that make any sense?

Man some of those videos were wild: boom, satellite, infra-red, before and after.

Oregon Muse, one of the contributors to the Ace of Spades group blog, has died. He was the curator of the popular Book Thread (and also the Chess Thread). If you were an enjoyer of either of those, you can follow the link to pay respects.

It’s always such a strange feeling to lose an internet person.

January 19, 2022 — 7:48 pm
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Phew! Storm Barra whistled through earlier. High winds and heavy rain. It blew the roof off the chicken house.

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds. The roof is made to open up so you can clean inside, but it opened it up and tore one side off the hinges. Really awkward to make a temporary fix, so I stood in the wind and held it down for a while until I could find a log with a branch sticking out one side that would put weight on both sides. I got *soaked*.

“Barra” you ask? Well, I asked. It’s an Irish Gaelic boy’s name meaning “fair haired”.

Not a great name for a destructive storm. I have a feeling there’s a bit of forced diversity going on here. But, hey, it’s diverse kinds of white people, so I guess it’s got novelty going for it.

December 7, 2021 — 8:09 pm
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Cold, anyway

Still bloody cold here. I did a search of “coldest April UK” and got a bunch of messy hits like “Britain shivers in coldest April day for 20 years” and “Third Coldest Start To April In The Past 110 Years” and “16th Coldest April Since 1697”. They’re all real, but wish I could find the tweet for that last one.

I didn’t know they kept temperature records in the 17thC. In fact, I didn’t know they could. The Wikipedia article on thermometers makes it sound as though they existed but weren’t common or standardized. I wonder if they’re reckoning the temperature based on something in nature.

Like the blooming date for this lovely branch of…some kind of thorn in our hedge. Hawthorn, maybe. May here is full of white. White hedges, white lambs.

White fingers and toes. Enough already.

April 26, 2021 — 7:43 pm
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Do Not Want

It hovers around freezing at night for a week. This is bad news since the lambs are little and Uncle B is anxious to plant out the garden for this year.

We can’t catch a break with the weather.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Next up: leftovers!

April 5, 2021 — 7:27 pm
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It snew.

Not much. An inch or so. It’s more about the temps – in the mid-20s – that are making all the wet muck outside hard and slick. We aren’t used to this here.

I had to take a kettle to the chicken water to free it up. The Polands were goose-stepping around the garden like it warn’t nothing, but the Pekins refused to come out of the henhouse until they were nigh unto starving.

My first two Pekins did that a decade ago, after a fall of snow. Took one look at the white stuff, decided it was of the devil and didn’t come out for three days. I wonder if they snuck a drink of water during that time.

It’s been a revolving door for cats. Come inside get bored. Go outside paws cold. Repeat every ten minutes.

It’s so cold in the house we took the unprecedented step of lighting the fire in the afternoon. That’s going to cost a fortune. And this is for the foreseeable.

Kumbaya global warming.

February 8, 2021 — 7:41 pm
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I think I’m a little envious

Looks like a major one is headed to Rhode Island tonight. Much snow and heavy wind.

I had mixed feelings about snowstorms when I was there. I love snow and wild weather, but I became increasingly nervous driving in snow and the policy at my job was not to call off work. I had a long commute during which several scary near misses.

It didn’t help that I basically drove a rear-wheel-drive tennis shoe.

It seldom snows here, which is a pity – the village is beautiful under snow. I don’t think we got any at all last Winter. Just endless rain, rain, rain.

Any of you in the path of this beast?

p.s. happy anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Uncle B says we still can’t make a decent brew. Must be the salt water.

December 16, 2020 — 7:49 pm
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They billed Ciara as the ‘storm of the century’. Dude. I’m not even sure it was the storm of the last six months (we had some nasties in September).

We had high winds, sure. But — at least where we are — not far out of the ordinary, and not much rain. We didn’t even lose power.

The seas were high and I gather there was flooding in places that got more rain. Hence the picture. Not mine. Don’t know whose it is. It was the most stolen Tweet on Twitter yesterday.

Now, the Coronavirus? Doubled our cases overnight to eight, all due to one ‘super spreader’ who came from a conference in Singapore and infected a group of people in France, too. Brighton clinic on lockdown. Yes, that’s in our general area.

Wot fun!

February 10, 2020 — 9:06 pm
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Any pilots in the house?

What is this weather pattern? Picture doesn’t show it very well (I nicked from someone else’s social media).

The sky was relatively clear on one side, rumply clouds on the other. But the line between them was…well, a line. A sharp line of demarcation from horizon horizon. Slightly curved.

The weather had been mostly sunny today. It dipped below freezing last night for the first time this season, and it will again tonight.

Never seen this before.

Oh, and happy MLK Day, which falls on Blue Monday this year.

January 20, 2020 — 7:36 pm
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Half an hour ago…

Because it’s not obvious, his location is my lap. Also not obvious: his other side is soaking wet. Equally not obvious: we are both seated in the only comfortable chair in the whole place.

We fight for it. I bought myself a little second hand tablet computer specifically to use as a Kindle when I sit in that chair, but the cat usually wins.

As for the wet, it has rained here every day for weeks. Everything is soaked. The ground is all slippy. My chicken runs are mud and the chickens are miserable. I’m thoroughly sick of it.

The weather isn’t always like England in England, but sometimes it’s the most England place imaginable.

November 7, 2019 — 8:51 pm
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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Go check out the pictures in the article. It’s a real thing, not a practical joke — at least, that’s what Google tells me.

When the wind and snow are just right, it rolls the snow up into big ‘bales’. There are even what look like tire tracks (or, I suppose, tyre tracks) in the wake of the thing (but no footprints). Six of them were spotted in a field in Marlborough yesterday (not far from Stonehenge, woo).

I guess it’s like those big rocks that get pushed around Death Valley.

Can confirm the wind was fierce and strange today. It blew over some stuff at work with an unsettling bang first thing, before I had my coffee.

February 4, 2019 — 9:41 pm
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