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It’s all about the oil

weasel dipped in oil

Bush: US Must “Get Off Oil” — and onto what, President Smartypants?

Look, can we stop acting like there’s an excellent, cheap alternative to petroleum all ready to go, and we’re just too lazy or stupid or stuck in our ways to take advantage of it? Or that a moon-landing style government program is going to get us there faster?

There’s a shit-load of money in oil. You know what? There’s a shit-load of money in whatever is going to replace oil. And, working on the assumption that such a thing is really out there, the oil companies want to be the ones to find it. The car companies want to be on top of it, too. So do lots and lots of little guys (did you see the air car idea? I liked that, mostly because it caught me by surprise).

Capitalism is the mindblowingest driver of technological innovation that the world has ever known. There’s a gigantic money to be made. And people who already have gigantic money yearn for more.

Greed + resources + huge impatient market = we’re on it already!

March 6, 2008 — 11:43 am
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