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Because Weasel hearts you very much

weasel hearts minions

And because Weasel hearts every damn one of you, and because you apparently cannot type three words without making some goofy-ass typo, I have removed comment preview and added comment edit.

This necessitated upgrading my WordPress installation to accomodate the Ajax edit comments plugin — a terrifying hour by dawn’s early light. My FTP client shit the bed after I’d already biffed my old install, so I panicked and uploaded each of the several hundred necessary files individually, during which time my database threw up on itself and my blog collapsed in a blubbering heap. Oh, it was like the emergency ward at Our Lady de los Casos Desesperados on a Saturday night.

So, we’ll see how this shakes out. If I missed a file or this plugin misbehaves, we could have intermittent weird shit and occasional wobblies.

Truly, greater heart hath no stoat.

UPDATE: It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that I’m too stupid to get the plug-in to work. I’ve nearly deep-sixed the blog (twice!) trying to fix it. So I’ve re-enabled preview, and I’ll leave edit in place in its current non-functioning mode for now, while I attempt to break the blog for reals.

UPDATE: Got it! Thanks to some direct help from the plug-in’s author, Ronald Huereca. Damn right I hit his tip-jar this morning! Now to tinker with the colors ‘n’ stuff. I tol you people I hearted you!

I finally remembered: I saw this at Steve‘s, I heard about it from Mike who heard about it from Hazel. I think I’ve got everything tweaked to my satisfaction. Suggestions welcome. I mean, I’ll probably blow it off and make fun of you behind your back, but go ahead — suggest something.

March 15, 2008 — 8:36 am
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