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Oh, I do not! Much.

why does my weasel smell

So, Uncle B and I are having coffee and a Skype this morning, and I mention to him what an inordinate number of hits I get on the phrase “what does a weasel look like.” See, if I wanted to know what a weasel looked like, I’d go to Google Images or Wikipedia and enter “weasel.” But there’s a whole subset of people who have entire conversations with Google. As Uncle B said, they treat it like an oracle.

He suggests a search for “what should I have for breakfast” — and, yes, there are tons of web pages with exactly that title. Then he suggests “why does my weasel smell” and…see for yourself. Screen capped for posterity.

Me number one I am for smelly weasel!

March 8, 2008 — 8:07 am
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