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Partners in crime





They work as a team. Dude on the left pinches scones; dude on the right clotted cream. I don’t think the lady who owns them spends a whole lot on chicken feed or Friskies.

Heh. Yeah. That’s right. I managed to screw two posts out of this one time a few weeks ago when we stopped for tea. That’s what a lazy sack of shit I am this week.

Have a good weekend, everyone!



July 3, 2009 — 6:57 pm
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Please help me. I’m trapped in an episode of the Avengers.


…and I look complete shit in a leather catsuit.

We stopped for cream tea (!) one afternoon and this steam train (!) hooted down the tracks behind the parking lot. It isn’t part of an antique steam fair or anything; that’s a genu-wine scheduled train service. Toot toot!

That wasn’t today, though. Today, I have been practicing conservation of energy. If you’ve noticed a certain lack of oomph in my efforts this week, our little corner of England has had itself a by-god heat wave. Nothing compared to Tennessee or <ugh> Louisiana — or even Rhode Island — can do, but I reckon it got into the nineties. And humid. And almost no-one here has air conditioning.

It hit the crescendo today and it’s supposed to break tonight. The moon was orange when I went out earlier, and it’s vanished altogether now. We hear the occasional rumble from the direction of France.

Yep. That there’s another build-your-own-joke.

July 2, 2009 — 8:04 pm
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Nuclear wasteses; I eated it


Not really. This is one of Scubafreak’s six cats, coming along nicely, thank you. They’ll be ready to harvest any day now. He’s got a classified going out next week trying to rid himself of a few. If that doesn’t work, what say we all pile into a rental car, drive to Colorado, and take his flash gun away from him before he hurts somebody.

In fate’s ongoing Summer War on Celebrities, actress Mollie Sugden died today. She was 86. Best known for her role as Betty Slocombe in Brit TV’s Are You Being Served? She managed to outlive Wendy Richard (who played the young tart) by some months.

As I am tired from a long day of shopping, making black currant syrup and choppin’ broccoli, I invite you to put paragraphs one and two together and build your own Mrs Slocombe’s pussy joke.

July 1, 2009 — 6:51 pm
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