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A question for the border-dwelling peeps

The whole of Olde England is about the size of New England, so weather broadcasts that take in the whole country are pretty practical. They have local forecasts, too, but they don’t tell you much more.

Weather forecasts here suck amazingly, on account of it’s a little island with a big cold ocean on one side and a continent on the other.

I get a kick out of the map, though. They report the weather for Northern Ireland, but nothing at all about the south. Slice it right off at the boundary. I pointed that out to Uncle B, and he said, “well, do your weather reports include Canada and Mexico?”

Ummm…hm. Do they?

The big national ones don’t, that I recall. Except to say things like, “there’s a mass of cold air coming down from Canada.” I don’t know about local forecasts, though.

How about it, people who live near the borders? Do your local forecasts include nearby cities outside the US?

And so lamely ends a week of blogging lameness. Hey, Spring finally made it to our little corner of paradise. I’ve been out playing in the sunnenshine!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

April 9, 2010 — 10:05 pm
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