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I’m becoming my mother, part kzillionty

We stopped here to buy eggs today. Yup, it’s a thatched roof. There’s a fair number around.

The construction of this little cottage is unusual — the walls are made of small wooden logs set into the walls sideways — with the cut ends sticking out — and then mortared around.

I don’t know if it’s genuinely old or not. It can be hard to tell.

We’re thinking of getting a few chickens ourselves. I’ve mentioned it.

I hated our fucking chickens when I was a kid and swore I’d never own one, but…I dunno. I feel seriously under-animaled. And the cat won’t let me have a kitten.

Cons. We have a small garden, so there’s not much room. Chickens live for ten years but only lay for five — and we’re huge pussies about killing stuff. Particularly stuff we know by name. Also, we wake up to a garden full of fox poop every morning, so we can expect to hear a lot of beGAAKing in the middle of the night until Monsieur Reynard digs his way in and makes a savage end to the whole experiment.

Pros. Behbeh chickens!

April 14, 2010 — 10:17 pm
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