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Nothin’ but decaf

I won a poster contest when I was in High School. The theme was something like Keep Nashville Clean. When I was packing to move last year, I found the newspaper clipping that went with and was horrified to read what I had said to the interviewer. Man, I hit all the bullshit talking points: Children are the future. Adults are poisoning up the planet and we’re going to have to clean it up.

I didn’t say those things because I believed them or cared much. I said them because I knew what was expected of me. (Fuck yea, I’d just won an art contest — I wasn’t about to blow it by saying something the newspaper didn’t want to hear). We’re talking maybe 1975 and that shit was old already.

So let’s hope these mouth-breathing fluff-muffins are also unenthusiastically regurgitating today’s lesson. Click to watch, but my subtitles are pretty accurate. I counted 14 “likes” when the young ‘uns were talking, not counting those times when “like” was used correctly and not as an “ummm” substitute.

This is the latest from the Coffee Party — the liberal astroturfers trying desperately to challenge the Tea Party movement without anyone discovering they’re liberal. They do this by pretending to be passionate about bland non-issues.

Sifting through feedback from regional Coffee Party meetings, they’ve identified two issues their members are exercised about and want to tackle: the role of money in politics and making Wall Street accountable to Main Street.

Ha ha! Psych! If those are THE two issues that came boiling up from an engaged grassroots, I’m a polar bear.

The Dems have been trying to stir up anger over “Wall Street fat cats” from the get-go — they clearly think that’s a class warfare winner for them. And maybe it is, I dunno. It doesn’t seem to have caught fire as expected.

And the “money in politics” one comes from the unexpectedly wide unpopularity of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case — the one that grants First Amendment rights to corporations, including the right to unlimited spending before elections. They mention Citizens United by name at the end of the video.


Oh, and listening to that young man babble about being the future, I couldn’t help thinking, “yeah, but by the time we get to that future, Sonny, you’re going to be more like me now than you are like you now.”

April 13, 2010 — 10:07 pm
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