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Take me off your Rolodex, John

Funny how I sent some money to presidential candidate John McCain, and I continue to get emails from senate candidate John McCain. I suppose no wise politician abandons a good mailing list.

Anyhoo, I got a long chatty email from my bud John today, all about what a splendid job he’s doing fighting off the evil Obama administration.

And then he gets to the pitch:

But, today, my ability to fight for our country and the values we share is in jeopardy. I am in the middle of the toughest reelection battle I have ever faced. My opponent is aggressively raising funds to run ads attacking my record of service and dedication to our country. I will not stand for these attacks and will respond to them swiftly with your support. Our campaign will make our next purchase of radio and television ads by April 30th and I once again need your help. An immediate donation of any amount will enable me to fight back against these attacks.

What’s missing? Yeah…any indication this is a primary election and the dude he’s up against is a Republican. And why McCain might be a better Republican than the other guy, who would presumably have voted against O-care too.

It’s not that McCain isn’t a deeply committed ideologue. It’s that his political divide is the John McCain camp versus the People Who Piss Off John McCain camp. And there are more Republicans than Democrats in that second party.

Oh, but it pleases me that the only sponsored link I get when I do a Google search of “McCain” is a pointer to McCain Rustic Oven Chips.

It’s my IP address.

April 21, 2010 — 11:11 pm
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