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Save the date!

Hooray for Draw Mohammed Day!

The kids who came up with the idea have already pussed out. They thought people would submit nothing but respectful drawings of Mohammed. Apparently, yesterday was their first day on the internet.

Couple things. First, you weren’t supposed to make drawings of Mohammed, as I understand it, so his followers wouldn’t worship his image. And the prohibition is relatively recent.

So there’s nothing at all in Islam about infidels drawing Big Mo. I mean, not that I’d care, but it’s technically not even an issue.

Second, the “death threat” came from a true blue American boy who was doodling pentagrams in his High School notebook two years ago. Now he’s twenty, he’s grown a scraggly beard, wears a doily on his head and has converted to a dumbass whitebread kid’s vague understanding of Islam. He lives with his mama.

In other words, it’s a pretend death threat from a make-believe Muslim. Which makes Comedy Central’s censorship act look even stupider.

And takes all the fun out of bravely defying it.

Feel free to keep going in the Favorite Scars thread. I’m enjoying that one. I think Glenster’s dad’s flesh-eating bacteria scar is my favorite.

Though mesa’s ironing board accident has a certain charming Wile E. Coyote quality. I imagine the iron turning over a couple of times in the air before landing on his little face.

April 26, 2010 — 10:41 pm
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