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Good news, ladies!


He’s free.

Have you seen him lately? Al Gore looks like shit. Pale and pasty with little red eyes. He’s aged ten years in the last two, godnose why.

I’ve missed the mark here. He looks like captain of the football team — too beefy.

I was aiming for more of an Uncle Joan kind of thing.

I’ve never heard the slightest suggestion of anything…untoward about Al, but something about him has always given me the creeps. The sexual creeps. He’s got a real ‘aging drag queen’ vibe.

Maybe it’s the non-existent eyebrows. Or the flared nostrils. Or the little cupid’s bow of a mouth.

It’s something.

Oh, well. With any luck, Tipper will write a tell-all and I’ll find out.



June 1, 2010 — 10:03 pm
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