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ROUND NINE: dropping like flies

Three short ones in a row, and steve nicks the dicks with John Wooden.

Okay, y’all know the drill:

1. Pick a celebrity. Any celebrity, though I reserve the right to nix picks I never heard of.

2. We start from scratch every time. No matter who you had last time, or who you may have called between rounds, you have to turn up on this thread and stake your claim. Poaching and other dirty tricks positively encouraged.

3. Your first choice sticks. Don’t just blurt it out this time, okay?

4. It’s up to you to search the thread and make sure your choice is unique. Popular picks go fast.

5. The pool stays open until somebody on the list dies. Feel free to jump in any time. Noobs, strangers, drive-bys and one-comment-wonders — all are welcome.

6. If you want your fabulous prize, you have to entrust me with a mailing address. If you don’t want the fabulous prize, I applaud your sophisticated taste and superior judgment. Packages go by slow boat, typically take eight to ten weeks and arrive looking sat upon.

7. The new DeadPool will begin 6pm WBT (Weasel’s Blog Time) the Friday after the previous honoree kicks the bucket.

The fabulous prize? Sweasel dot com’s unofficial sponsor, Aunty’s Spotted Dick, of course!

June 11, 2010 — 6:00 pm
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