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Ding dong

Helen Thomas, nasty old leftist hag, retired today after inexcusably saying something she really meant: that Israelis should get the hell out of Palestine and “go home” to Germany and Poland.

I’m puzzled by those, particularly those on the right, who think this is just Crazy Aunt Helen being crazy and that firing her wouldn’t be necessary. Blurting out that Israelis should get out of Israel and go home is crazy auntie stuff, on a nuttiness level with “blacks should go home to Africa.”

Specifying they go back to Germany and Poland, where they were murdered in their millions, knocks it right off the nut-O-meter. It’s where “crazy auntie” meets “nursing home.” It’s “whisk you away with a butterfly net” time, right down there with old dudes who won’t stop playing with themselves in public.

And you’d better BELIEVE the left had to purge her fast, lest we wonder how many of them agree with her.

Anyway — goodbye, Helen, you hideous old leftist hobgoblin. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya — which, from the look of things, was your face.

June 7, 2010 — 5:29 pm
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