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Field trip!

Uncle B had to go on a business trip to Essex today, so I came with. I’m not usually up in his business, but this job might require a little storyboarding or page layout or some shit. Whatever. Train ride!

Essex, Northeast of London and basically an industrial suburb of it, is famous for the “Essex Girl” (Q: What does an Essex Girl say after sex? A: “So, you all play for the same team, then?”). It was pretty Soviet and horrible.

It was the usual getting off at wrong stops and running for trains pulling out of the station and delays. But we got to ride one leg on the bullet train! I don’t know if it got up to the full 140mph, but it went pretty fucking fast!

Oh, and we had a stop at Stratford Station, where they were busy building the 2012 Olympic Village. It looked really crap!

Anyhow, I’m wiped. Want food! Want drink!

Remember, Dead Pool tomorrow, 6pm WBT. If you’ve been chiming in on the previous DP thread, you gots to show up tomorrow and pick for real on the official thread. M’kay?

June 10, 2010 — 10:02 pm
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