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I don’t know. Is this smart?



So we’ve had a crime wave in our little village. We’ve had two — two! — burglaries in the last month.

Nope, it’s not our new Syrian friends. It looks like whoever did it was going straight for collectibles and walking past other valuable and more easily-fencible items. A refugee would hardly do that. It’s a bit of a mystery, really.

So we had a meeting of Neighborhood Watch (well, yes, of course I’m Neighborhood Watch, though it’s more usually called Farm Watch this far back in the boonies). The police gave us all a bunch of these. No, not CCTV cameras. They gave us a bunch of stickers that say we have CCTV cameras.

We don’t actually have any CCTV cameras.

Is this smart? I somehow don’t think this is smart.



January 19, 2016 — 10:04 pm
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