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Tea break over, back on your heads


Boo! Not Christmas any more. BOO!

In the absence of anything cleverer to say, that there is my new bicycle. It’s this one. No, I didn’t pay that much for it. Yes, it has a basket. No, I’m not going to put it on. Makes it too unwieldy in tight places.

It’ll do 15mph without touching the pedals. Illegal to sell electric bikes with a hand throttle like that in the UK since the first of Jan (thank you, EU regs!), so me and half of England rushed to get a grandfathered one before the hammer came down.

I love it. But it’s been windy or rainy (or both) every day since I started riding it to work, so it’s a real baptism by…ummm….water. Hm.

Say, that’s just a regular baptism, isn’t it?

January 4, 2016 — 11:35 pm
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