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Identity theft.




I finished Hearts of Stone tonight, which is an add-on to Witcher III. It’s a game. It’s a big ol’ slice of more-of-the-same pie. If you liked the base game (I did), you’ll like this expansion (I did).

If you don’t give a shit about video games and you’re wondering why I even bring it up, it’s because LOOK AT HIS FACE. Familiar?

This is a main character in Hearts of Stone. He gets lots and lots of face time, and he’s so totally modeled on David Beckham, it isn’t even funny. The only thing I know about Beckham is that he played football, he wears a mean pair of underpants, he married that Sulky Spice bitch and his mug is all over the Daily Mail all the time. And that is totally his mug.

I’m hardly the only one to notice. If you do a search of “Beckham” and “von Everec” you get a ton of hits.

Question is, did they pay for his likeness? I haven’t found the answer.

If they did, it must’ve cost them a packet. Why aren’t they bragging about it?

If they didn’t, what a risk! Er…isn’t it?


January 12, 2016 — 10:53 pm
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