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Really, really big cow


In fact, the Guiness-certified largest cow that ever lived. I stole that link from Jonah Goldberg. Moreover, the cow died seven months ago.

Because it’s Friday and I’m damned if I’m going to put any effort into it.

Here’s something interesting I didn’t know: the Iron Law of Prohibition. (Link goes to LA Times article).

Also, the Royal College of Physicians is putting John Dee’s library on display. Dee was court magician to Liz the First and a highly Google-worthy fellow. His library was scattered across the country and this is, as far as I know, the first time it’s been reassembled since his death. We have a rule against going into London these days (’nuff said) but we may make an exception.

Finally, this just arrived in my inbox from the John Kasich campaign:

Fellow Conservative, during last evening’s debate, not only was Jeb Bush’s team running ads against me, but Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Chris Christie attacked me online as well. We must have them really worried!

Always leave ’em laughing, as my old mither used to say. Good weekend, all!

January 15, 2016 — 9:36 pm
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