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Well, I learned a new thing today: there is a kind of pottery known as crested ware (crested pottery or crested china). Little tiny figurines with the crest of a city or county, obviously originally sold as inexpensive souvenirs. Ebay is alive with them. They are, not surprisingly, collectible.

I’d gone looking for a Sussex Pig. The wild pig is the unofficial mascot of Sussex, and his unofficial slogan is “Wunt be Druv.” Which has a ring to it.

This crested Sussex Pig is from a mold known as the sad pig, because duh. I was surprised to find pigs described as Sussex Pigs sporting crests not actually from places in Sussex.

But the one in the picture is from Bognor, which definitely is in Sussex, now officially Bognor Regis since George V convalesced there after a lung operation. Where he famously said, in some context or other, “bugger Bognor.”

Oh, also, happy Burns Night. Hope you’ve made the tatties, neaps and haggis. Or you could save time and just throw up in a bucket.

January 25, 2016 — 8:30 pm
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