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Eat yer beans


I stole the picture and the link from rdbrewer at Ace‘s. The link goes to a vidya of some grandma and a gay guy discussing why Southerners traditionally eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. Some bullshit thing about Sherman’s March to the Sea. Never heard it before. Article doesn’t even know it’s “collard” not “collared” greens, so I wouldn’t pay it much mind.

My grandfather — my mother’s father — was absolutely insistent on eating blackeyed peas on New Year’s ‘for luck.’ Never missed. He even had them specially brought to him in the hospital before he died.

Then he died. How lucky can they be?

My mother mailed me a can of beans at Christmas every year for years and years so I’d be ready. They ended up collecting in the back of my canned goods cabinet. I freaking hate blackeyed peas. Nasty, waxy, tasteless little bastards.

Happy, happy y’all. Hope nobody’s too dreadful hungover.

January 1, 2016 — 7:53 pm
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