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Perhaps you thought it odd that I didn’t identify the sculptor of the Fine Lady in yesterday’s post. Perhaps you didn’t.

Sometimes, it’s like I don’t even know you.

Well, anyhoo, the truth is, I had some difficulty working it out. Banbury’s page on the Lady identifies the modeler of the horse as Denise Dutton, a well-known horse-sculptin’ lady, and the designer of the monument as Artcycle. That link is the only reference to Artcycle I found on quick inspection, and it’s a phonebook type listing. Has them down as Monumental Masons.

But if you reverse image search a picture of the Lady, you find Cornovii Edwards, which is described on its website with this bit of cheerful gibberish:

Cornovii Edwards is a family name of the most ancient provenance in the world of revered artists and masters of the bronze casting tradition. It is our privilege to serve and protect time honoured skills and continue the endeavour to guard our prosperity, the most valuable riches of that being our people’s craft, identity and our links to one another.

The Cornovii were an ancient Celtic tribe. Near as I can figure it, Cornovii Edwards is actually Andrew (‘Andy’) Edwards, and there’s not a lot of biographical information for him online. Which is weird, because he’s filled some impressive commissions.

Like, the recently unveiled sculpture of the Beatles in Liverpool. And this sculpture of Frederick Douglass for the University of Maryland that was presented to Obama. Verrrry high level stuff for a young guy.

In the comment thread on the previous post, Fletcher posted a link to this article on the tenth anniversary of the unveiling of the Fine Lady, which includes a neato YouTube on the Making Of, including still images of Andy modeling.

Browse the Cornovii Edwards website for more examples of the excellent house style.

The thing in the picture? That’s a little confusing, too. It’s the Staffordshire Saxon (another neato Making Of video here), a nine foot tall monument made to commemorate the finding of the Staffordshire Hoard.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: that thing is a leeetle bigger than nine feet. It’s a P’shop. They’re raising money to make a version of the statue over 100 feet high, to be erected on the spot where the hoard was buried. They’re calling it the Anglo of the North (play on Angel of the North, that fugly old thing).


Why have I never heard of this before? And why is this guy so hard to follow online? Dude needs better PR.

January 5, 2017 — 8:24 pm
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