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Say, I’d have a doctor look at that


I don’t if you guys were aware, but last year they had an effing huge Hieronymus Bosch exhibition in the Netherlands, in his hometown, to mark the 500th year since his death. Unprecedented, once in a lifetime thing — they pulled together the largest collection of Bosch paintings ever assembled (something like 18 of the 25 known paintings and 19 of the 20 surviving drawings).

I’m a huge fan, so I couldn’t miss this one. His hometown is a little off the beaten track, no direct train. So a bunch of us decided to club together, rent a people carrier (that’s a minivan to you and me) and drive over.

Annnnnnnnd…it sold out.

Then a friend called this week and told me a nearby cinema was doing some kind of film exposition of the show. And we went. And it was good. Not as good as seeing them in person, but giant digital closeups probably turned up things I would never have seen standing in front of them. Optimum would have been to do both, of course.

They do a lot of these things here – where they stream live performances or have special one-time-only presentations like this one beamed to rural movie theaters. Is this a thing in the States?

Don’t know if you can get the DVD over there, but it’s The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch. And the same group has done others. Mucho recommendo.

I’ve never seen so many improbable things going into and coming out of butts in my life.

January 23, 2017 — 11:53 pm
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