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BBC, you so silly!


Oh, BBC – I can think of dozens of words for ladybits. I wouldn’t think this is a gaping hole in our vocabulary. ehhhhHHHHEHEHEHEHE.

Wait – SNIPPA?!?

BBC is a menace, though, for real. It’s pretty obvious our friends in the Fourth Estate are coordinating attacks on Trump, desperately trying to get something to stick. And some of it will stick over here, sadly. BBC dominates the news, and commercial outlets are just as bad, anyway. If all you ever get is bad information, how can you make good decisions?

Actual conversation overheard this morning, “No, Mum, it’s not just like the rise of Hitler. Yes, I know you remember the rise of Hitler, but he didn’t build walls.”

Oh, check out this article from US Snooze. Opening paragraph:

As President Donald Trump took office Friday, police in the nation’s capital walloped protesters, reporters and legal observers with batons and doused them with skin-burning pepper spray as projectiles sporadically flew in the other direction.

Walloped. Doused. Skin-burning pepper spray. See, the things the bad guys do are written in clear, muscular language. By contrast, “projectiles sporadically flew” — gently, occasionally and all by themselves, I guess. Probably paper airplanes.

Or, alternatively, protesters threw rocks at the police and the police fired back with pepper spray.

It went on in this vein, ‘…sprayed a stoop-backed older woman and a man on crutches before repeatedly striking a journalist…’ And ‘“You are all going to jail!” an officer declared after giving a penned-in group a fresh coat of pepper spray…’

Fresh coat of pepper spray. This isn’t journalism, it’s a High School Advanced Placement creative writing course.

January 26, 2017 — 10:15 pm
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