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No, it’s not a poop

Did you see this story today? This is the 5,700 year old wad of gum that scientists in Denmark have used to analyze an ancient woman’s DNA.

Based on the findings, she had dark hair, dark skin and blue eyes. I wonder what the relationship is between her and modern Danes and why that combination is rare now?

They also were able to sequence some bacteria from her mouth and ascertain her meal before chewing gum included duck and hazelnuts.

Not exactly gum. It was birch sap, which has some antibacterial properties that help preserve all this junk.

There were some related articles about things they’ve learned about the prehistoric diet from analyzing tooth plaque, but most of the links I hit were behind the paywall. I used to read Science News religiously in the States. Every time I think I’ll break down and buy a subscription, they run another article on global warmening and it gives me a sad.

December 17, 2019 — 8:54 pm
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