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Happy Boxing Day!

Our Christmas was lovely. Our Christmas dinner exceptionally nice. We mostly gave each other things to keep warm, like nice socks, and we were happy with that. We R old.

So, anyhoo — TADA! I finally got those poland bantams I’ve always wanted. I had to make ’em myself. I bought an incubator and six hatching eggs off Ebay. Everyone reassured me they wouldn’t all hatch.

Spoiler: they all hatched.

The problem with polands is that you can’t tell the males and females apart until they’re at least two months old. In fact, I posted pictures of mine at eight weeks to a chicken forum and several experienced poland keepers told me they were all female.

Spoiler: they weren’t.

Some of the eggs had a scrawl on the bottom to indicate what they were, so I named them based on that. The is G at eight weeks old. She’s a Golden laced poland bantam.

And she’s a very pretty girl, too, but frutty as a nootcake.

December 26, 2019 — 6:20 pm
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