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Jolly Olde

Uncle B ventured out for some weekend supplies. He sent me these labels from the posh local grocery. If you can’t quite make it out, it’s £77 and £97 for a turkey crown [that’s a breast to you and me], and £87 for a goose (according to my currency converter, that’s $100.211, $126.239 and $113.221 in today’s money). No, ours didn’t cost nearly that much and we got a whole fancy bird.

Still no joy on the new cat front. The worst are the people who leave their ads in after they’ve sold the cat and then don’t get back to you when you contact them. Feh. People. ‘Swhy I prefer cats.

In the thread before this one, Drew458 asked if we were getting the rain that the BBC is blathering about. We’re personally not flooded, but there’s flooding around us in Sussex. The ditch at the side of our driveway is worrying and the fields are standing in water.

But IFITDOESN’TSTOPRAININGISHALLKILLSOMETHING. I mean it. I’m losing my mind. In the past three months, I can literally only remember ONE day that it didn’t rain, and that was last Wednesday. And it’s desperately dark all the time.

The worst is the chickens. They’re wet and muddy and miserable and no matter how often I shovel out their various houses and enclosures, it’s all wet again next day. If I don’t keep mucking it out and replacing it somebody’s going to get sick. The ground around them wobbles like jelly and is slick as snot, and I’ve got some kind of rat taking advantage of the soft earth and tunnelling in to get leftover food.

BUT! BUT! We’ve bought all our everything, the fridge is full, the tree is lovely, there’s a bottle of cheap champagne cooling and I am now off work for the next two weeks! So a very merry weekend to all of you, and I’ll see you again on Christmas Eve eve.

December 20, 2019 — 8:34 pm
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