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On the First Day of Chickmas…

As I plan to avoid anything that even remotely requires thinking or work for the next two weeks, I figured I’d give myself an easy out and post about my flock. I haven’t kept you up to date on my chooks because I thought for a while I was going to do a whole website about them, then I remembered I’m lazy and I hate to make websites.

These are my oldest three, a day or two after hatching in July of 2018. I had a hen go hard broody (that’s her), so I bought six ‘fertile’ eggs for her. She sat on them for a month and they were all duds. She was so forlorn, I couldn’t bear it.

So I got four more from someone I trusted, and two hatched. I went back to the lady and bought two chicks from the same batch. (That’s four total, but one vanished from the coop one morning. Probably eaten by bears). I got her to accept the new ones as hers.

Twelve eggs, net result: two roosters and one hen.

In order, that’s Millie, Moe and Sam. They’re Pekin bantams, like all my previous chooks. You know, with the feathery feet.

December 23, 2019 — 8:07 pm
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