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It all ends in tiers

Yesterday we came off of lockdown and into a three-tier system of restrictions. We are in Tier 2.

That means we can only be indoors with people from our ‘bubble’. We can meet other people, but only outside and in groups of six or smaller. Except sporting events, where there can now be several thousands. Fifteen people can go to a wedding, thirty to a funeral.

Pubs can be open, but only if they offer a substantial meal and we have to leave after we’ve eaten it. A scotch egg is not a substantial meal, but nobody knows what is one. Is it by weight? Or volume? These are mysteries.

We are near enough a Tier 3 county that we often shop there. Can we now? We don’t know.

That’s the regulations. The strong suggestions from an authoritarian government include no singing, no board games and no sitting on Santa’s knee.

I was going to try to do a humorous take on the restrictions, but when I started remembering what they actually are, I got big mad. And still, nobody we know has gotten sick. Really, they’re just fucking with us now.

Changing the subject, I just got email from Zazzle. I haven’t posted any new designs in so long, they’re going to start charging me rent. Anybody got a t-shirt or coffee mug they’ve been burning to get for Xmas? I can’t guarantee I’ll do it (you people come up with some complex picture concepts), but I’m all outta ideas. My Christmas card this year was going to be Santa arrested for covid violations, and then it actually happened.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

December 3, 2020 — 8:04 pm
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