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I think I’m a little envious

Looks like a major one is headed to Rhode Island tonight. Much snow and heavy wind.

I had mixed feelings about snowstorms when I was there. I love snow and wild weather, but I became increasingly nervous driving in snow and the policy at my job was not to call off work. I had a long commute during which several scary near misses.

It didn’t help that I basically drove a rear-wheel-drive tennis shoe.

It seldom snows here, which is a pity – the village is beautiful under snow. I don’t think we got any at all last Winter. Just endless rain, rain, rain.

Any of you in the path of this beast?

p.s. happy anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Uncle B says we still can’t make a decent brew. Must be the salt water.

December 16, 2020 — 7:49 pm
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