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Who is the most difficult chicken in the land?


It’s always Spoon.

She’s been on the roof of the garage and the roof of the house. She got so far up a climbing rose, I had to trim it to a stump to get to her. She spent the night in a hedge once. When she vanished this afternoon, I thought there was a good chance she was up a tree somewhere.

And so she was. On the other side of the hedge, in the field next door, jussssst high enough I couldn’t cut her down with the loppers. In the end, at the absolute upper end of my reach, I managed to coax her onto the blade of a hoe and lower her gently to the ground. I think I stressed my sternum.

She would have been safe enough in the tree overnight, if a bit chilly. It’s when she came down at the crack of dawn that’s the problem. Chickens who go into that field often don’t come back.

Have a good weekend and look out for Spoon!

December 4, 2020 — 4:34 pm
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