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I’ve seen the Dreamies and the damage done

This kitty came to us as a stray, you may recall. A tiny kitten walked into our livingroom one hot August night, squeaked and ran out again. I put out a squirrel trap baited with catfood, and here we are.

He was severely underweight. The lady at the shelter estimated that he was a month older than he looked because he’d been undernourished. About four months old.

He grew up fast when we stuffed him full of good supermarket kitty glop, but he remained skinny.

Until there were Dreamies.

Oh, did kitty love his Dreamies. In fact, it became an obsession. In fact, it began to make him a miserable boy.

Eventually, he refused any other food. You’d put stuff in his bowl and he’d hardly glance at it. He would stubbornly refuse to eat anything but Dreamies.

And he got fat.

Fat enough that it I had to fix it. He’d never had dried food before, so I took his big tin of Dreamies and added a handful of Iams. And every few days another. After a couple weeks, there weren’t any Dreamies in the mix at all.

He’s still fat, but he’s not gaining and the vet didn’t seem worried. Sometimes, though, he gets a sad, faraway look in his eye and I know he knows a wonderful light has gone out of his life.

So what do they put in them? Aside from something fatty, I think I know. If you have cats and Dreamies, give them a sniff and see what you think. *I* say they smell like parmesan.

In fact, I was so certain of it, when our elderly cat went off her feed, I bought some parm and sprinkled it over her food. It usually worked.

Right. Remember. Dead Pool Tomorrow. Be here, or be somewhere else!

December 10, 2020 — 7:47 pm
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