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HOW many canada geese?

No, not that many canada geese. THIS many canada geese. And more. That field is about a mile long and it was geese the whole way.

Yeah, I know, these things don’t translate well to snapshots. The original picture was nearly twice this size, but WordPress automatically scaled it down and it doesn’t appear I can stop it from doing that.


ExpressoBold Dissent555 takes the dick with Clu Galager. I barely remember the name, but he was in a thousand programs, so…fair pick. But I deemed it too late to queue up another Dead Pool. I like for y’all to simmer in your own juices for a few days.

I know…everyone wanted Anne Heche, but that’s going to be a tough one. She has already been declared brain dead, but they’re keeping her on life support for her organs. As if.

So, new Dead Pool next Friday and have a great weekend!

August 12, 2022 — 7:10 pm
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