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I went to save an image in my \sweasel folder tonight, and the \sweasel folder is no more. It’s gone. It ain’t there. It done vanished.

It isn’t accidentally dropped into another folder. It isn’t in the recycle bin. It’s not on a different drive.

A couple of nights ago, I did a thing I never, ever do and emptied the recycle bin. My C: drive is getting full up. I must have accidentally deleted \sweasel into it some time before. And, because it was the weekend, I didn’t notice until today. That’s all I can think.

What an extraordinary series of coincidences.

Oh, well. It’s only the place I save photos before uploading them, so they’re all here with you. There was some unfinished junk that had been kicking around and some other stuff I guess. If I can’t name it, I won’t miss it.

But gosh.

August 22, 2022 — 7:03 pm
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