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The last of the village fêtes

It’s a bank holiday here today (read: long weekend). The last one before Christmas, believe it or not. That means it was the last village fête of the season. There are a few more commercial events, but this was the last amateur festival.

It was rammed. Packed. Stuffed. Busiest I’ve ever seen it.

They all have been this summer. Chock full of people dying to get out and go somewhere and spend money.

It was a little hard, to be honest, seeing so many happy people celebrating and knowing the shit is most definitely about to hit the fan here.

It’s like, have you ever cut yourself badly in the kitchen? And, for just a second, there’s no blood, no pain, no sign of it…but you know what’s coming. It’s like that.


Oh, I just thought the tombstone was cool. I wasn’t trying to be *that* doomy. Saw it in the churchyard. Completely unreadable, sadly – not even the date.

August 29, 2022 — 6:33 pm
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