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The Return of the Village Fete

The judgin’ o’ the veggies. Yes, they really do this and yes, they take it very seriously.

One particularly hilarious category was swiss rolls, where some judge or judges wrote detailed critiques on index cards for each entry, explaining why they voted the way they did, what issues that particular swiss roll had and how to make it better next year.

BTW, red ribbon is first place here and blue is second. Make brain hurt.

There was a point I was sure the village fete would never return. So many of them were teetering on the edge even before the lockdown, and I thought the lockdown might’ve broken some people forever.

I still think there are some permanently damaged people out there (they all seem to hang out in Twitterland), but we went to two village fetes this weekend alone, and they were *packed*.

No masks, no distancing, no elbow-bumping, no fear. It was absolutely, 100% the old normal. But busier.

These were the middle classes, they who listen to the BBC, trust the government and no doubt had every recommended shot at its appointed time. They weren’t being defiant. They weren’t even thinking about covid. They were just done.

I wonder if that’s how Klaus Schwab saw this going at this point in his project.

August 3, 2022 — 7:40 pm
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