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Coo-coo pants!

Argh! My blog, it is broken!

I updated to the newest WordPress (mistake!) and now the latest posts dingus in the sidebar shows random posts.

Check it out! Refresh the page for more blasts from the past!

This is bad news because I built this blog 15 years ago using a potent combination of ignorance and brute force, and I have NO idea how it works.

Worse, the new version totally changed my post editor thingie. IT LOOKS DIFFERENT, Y’ALL! I was kicking around the web trying to find out how to change it back, and it turns out they made this change in 2019.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve updated my WordPress.

Given what happened when I did, do you wonder why? 


August 4, 2022 — 6:27 pm
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