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Really? REALLY?!


So the Obama administration doesn’t think Fox is a real news organization. Okay. You want to conflate editorial with news and pick a fight, eh. It’s a point of view.

Then he invites Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Maureen Dowd over for an intimate chat?! GAH! That pegs my WhatTheFuckometer to twelve. Twelve, I tell you!

Is there ANY sense in which that was a smart move? Even if it helps keep all the attendees on side — seriously, was he likely to lose Olbermann or Dowd? — it totally screws that journalistic integrity thing they’re always banging on about. Sure, we thought the lot were lying leftist ratbags all along, but now they’ve gone and done something that looks bad. Will they have to go negative to clear their names, or will they wear their sellout proudly?

And what about all the lying leftist ratbags who weren’t invited? Will they really be more positive after this? Or less, from bruised feelings and journalistic chops?

And Fox — how high can their ratings go, anyway? Even the lefties will have to watch now, to be sure there isn’t stuff the other guys are afraid to touch.

Somebody’s been steaming up the Potomac with tankers full of industrial grade stupid, I tells you.


Comment from David Gillies
Time: October 22, 2009, 8:07 pm

Is it possible to be a megalomaniac with an inferiority complex? If so, Obama’s got it in spades.

Comment from iamfelix
Time: October 22, 2009, 8:14 pm

Sure, we thought the lot were lying leftist ratbags all along, but now they’ve gone and done something that looks bad. Will they have to go negative to clear their names, or will they wear their sellout proudly?

If I was a bettin’ woman, I’d pick the latter….

Comment from Anonymous
Time: October 22, 2009, 8:36 pm

Dave –

Ohbuggerus suffers from malevolent narcissictic personality disorder (use your favorite search engine to view the complete definition of that). His “spouse” suffers from seething hatred of all things not black. Why she ever married a half white man is beyond me…

Comment from Enas Yorl
Time: October 22, 2009, 8:38 pm

I saw an exchange on twitter today about this and Tapper pointed out that other administrations have had meetings with friendly pundits and this sort of thing isn’t really new. He does have a point.

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: October 22, 2009, 8:53 pm

Oh, sure, Enas. I remember both Bushes and Cheney (I think) at various times calling in for a chat with Rush. Shoot, Ace met with Dubya — remember?

It’s the timing. Right in the teeth of this Fox thing — which is making many lefties uncomfortable. It’s the naked “this is what we do to our enemies, this is what we do to our friends” Chicago-style deep-dish vendetta.

Comment from EW1(SG)
Time: October 22, 2009, 10:58 pm

David Gillies:

Is it possible to be a megalomaniac with an inferiority complex? If so, Obama’s got it in spades.

Absolutely. Very common among addicts and those raised in families of addicts.

I’m sure there are other family dysfunctions that would lead to the same combination of traits.


His “spouse” suffers from seething hatred of all things not black. Why she ever married a half white man is beyond me…

Her hatred is so pronounced that I’m under the impression that she would be quite happy to open up the ovens again, for everyone who isn’t black. And I don’t know if she would exempt him or not.

Comment from Beyond Bibb’s Store
Time: October 22, 2009, 11:03 pm

“deep dish vendetta”…

Stop it, stop it…I just spewed good bourbon through my nose onto the monitor…gawd that’s funny…

Comment from JJC
Time: October 22, 2009, 11:44 pm

Just this: that obama-baby, “Mom, Fox News is touching me!” would sure look super-duper on a tee shirt!

Comment from catnip
Time: October 23, 2009, 1:28 am

I agree on the tee shirt. I’d buy one in a heartbeat, especially if the shirt fabric was baby blue.

Comment from David Gillies
Time: October 23, 2009, 2:11 am

Anonymous @ 8.36: I actually listed the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder in a comment on the Big Baby post. It’s obviously way out of bounds to be diagnosing mental disorders in a third party, especially when one (like me) is not a clinical psychologist. But the extent to which Obama’s behaviour deviates from what one has become accustomed to think of as Presidential, and the degree to which his performance has been so wildly at odds with all those Hopey-Changey expectations the starry-eyed Lefties invested in him has, I think, no precedent in modern times. Buyer’s remorse is a bitch. When Bush 43 won, a lot of people like me (not just extreme libertarians, but Extreem to the Maxx! libertarians) could find comfort only in the fact that he beat Gore and Kerry, who would have been even more appalling (q.v. Cameron, D.W.D. vs. Brown, J.G.). So we were glass-half empty folks from the get-go. It’s a lot harder to disappoint a pessimist. When your unicorn-riding Knight in Shining Armour turns out to be a tawdry Chi-town chancer with a glass jaw, the let-down must be awful. But I find I can bear the chagrin of the Obamanauts with remarkable equanimity.

Comment from lauraw
Time: October 23, 2009, 10:02 am

Wait! They get even stupider!


the White House wanted to exclude Fox from the 5 member White House Pool who were going to be given access to Kenneth Feinberg.

The White House Pool, of which Fox has been a member since 1997, is a consortium of the five networks which fund its operations.

After the White House attempted to exclude Fox, the Washington bureau chiefs of the 5 networks met and announced none of them would participate if Fox were excluded.

ha ha ha ha haaaa

Comment from Beyond Bibb’s Store
Time: October 23, 2009, 11:56 am

If you do the Tee, I need one to fit my 7 year old. When the school nazis toss her from first grade for sporting her new diaperbama shirt, I’ll have the school Super’s head…on a pike..

Comment from Oldcat
Time: October 23, 2009, 1:43 pm

I wouldn’t go there B. Bibb. The teachers WILL give your kid bad grades for YOUR political views.

I’d choose another hill to die on, if I were you.

Comment from Roman Wolf
Time: October 23, 2009, 2:28 pm

I was called a “freedom disciple” today by my economics professor during a discussion on healthcare. I now ponder how I ended up a full blown libertarian…probably too much hopechange.

Comment from athrillofhope
Time: October 27, 2009, 3:21 pm

What do we expect from Liberal Socialist Democrats (LSDs–I made that one up myself!–watch out for brain damage!) who do not believe in the “Rule Of Law” and the “will of the people?” These LSDs are the same folks who consistently end-run around the will of the people by by-passing the ELECTED representatives and shoving their marxist-socialist agendas down our throats via the UN-elected Judicial Branch.

These LSDs have no interest in public debate, because they have no interest in TRUTH. They are so unaccustomed to having their beliefs scrutinized and their “performance” criticized.

If anything, FoxNews should echo that famous line by Reagan when speaking to the National Religious Broadcasters convention (in the early 1980s, I believe) concerning the indictment he received from the ACLU: “I wear their indictment like a badge of honor.”

Comment from athrillofhope
Time: October 30, 2009, 2:02 pm

Yes, David Gillies, you are correct: Obozo is an acute case of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). There are well-written, well-footnoted research papers by specialists in NPD who have observed Obumo and made UN-official (since they need to first clinically treat him to be “official”), yet convincingly solid, cases for his well-developed (well nursed?) narcissism.

Some researchers have made stunning parellels between Obumbo and another infamous, 20th Century Dictator: Hitler. Hitler is also a well-observed case of NPD. Obama, like Hitler and Stalin, wrote an autobiography when he was NOBODY. Obumbo, years ago, was asked to write about race relations at the University of Chicago. Instead, he wrote about himself (just like Hitler and Stalin did when THEY were “nobodies”).

Just google “obama narcissist narcissism hitler stalin” and you’ll get plenty of hits to sift through that make solid cases that Obumbo was not just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill ‘well-meaning but confused’ narcissist, but a PATHLOGICAL Narcissist who has no interest in the feelings of lives of anyone other than themselves.

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