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Hey, lookit! My favorite limbless, decapitated torso made it from Rhode Island!

Yep, the last of my stuff was delivered today. That means no storage unit to pay for. It also means half the rooms in Badger House are stacked floor-to-ceiling with boxes.

It isn’t as bad as it looks (please god). An awful lot of it is packaging and padding. And stuff that can go. And stuff that can go on e-Bay. But right now, the whole house is like one of those little slidey puzzles with the tiles that you shift around to get the numbers in the right order.

Slidey puzzle. Yeah. You know what I’m talking.

Anyhow, it’s taken me the whole day to make a clear path to the stairs, the front door and the pissoir. I am, how you say, pooped. Pardon the lameness of today’s offering.

Much more of this heavy lifting and I’ll develop the scary man-arms of Michelle Obama.

March 3, 2009 — 8:24 pm
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