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How low can he go?

shrinkingobamaSoooo! Are you enjoying the presidential approval implosion as much as I am? Of course you are, you sadistic bastiches!

I knew Obama’s numbers would fall — to think otherwise is to believe that somehow, someway this time socialism is gonna work! — but I expected the hurting to come later, once the IOU’s started rolling in. Ponzi schemes always work GREAT in the beginning.

But I didn’t count on The One being such an appallingly bad tactician.

How low will he go? Well, I ain’t starting another pool. Tins of haggis don’t grow on trees over here, you know.

I’m guessing Obama never drops as low as Bush’s bottom (hee hee…Bush’s bottom!). Poor ol’ Dubya had the whole weight of the not-quite-dead-yet media screaming about him for eight years.

And they certainly never admitted how unpopular Bush was with us, his base, for being such a squish RINO centrist. Bush was never a conservative; we stuck by him because of the war and duty and shit. Then the last few years, he stopped giving us anything. Didn’t defend his ideas, didn’t try to explain anything. Just hunkered in the bunker waiting it out.

So I don’t really know who approved of Bush by the end. Nice Midwestern ladies who felt bad for him and thought he needed a hug, I guess.

But here’s the thing: even if Obama’s numbers never go as low, they’re going down hard. With the full cartoon-anvil weight of an utter Christmas-afternoon bummer sammich. He was elected as a new and magical politician made of happy pink unicorns and pure awesome. As long as he kept his mouth shut and voted ‘present’, the spell held. But once it’s broken, it’s broken forever. The moment he had to climb down with us mere mortals and do something…


September 3, 2009 — 7:36 pm
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