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A little light housekeeping

I got nothin’ today, so how’s about a little housekeeping?

I was once a very conscientious little weasel. I scanned my logs and followed up people who linked to me. I checked out the blogs of my commenters. I read my way down my blogroll religiously. Now I no longer sit behind a desk eight to ten hours a day, surfing the ‘tubes and siphoning away precious resources from my employer, I am not nearly so well read.

Pity. I enjoyed you people.

Anyhow, there are some new commenters since the last time I updated my (pain-in-the-ass to update) blogroll. To reiterate the standing offer — anybody wants a link, just say the word. Here or in email or whatever. You don’t have to be a regular or anything. As long as your blog isn’t a grossly obvious topical mismatch, I will
give you that sweet, sweet linkage.

That’s just the kind of craven suckup I am.

September 10, 2009 — 5:54 pm
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