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Wot fink?


Iowahawk, of whom I am a huge fan-grrl, is having an art contest. At stake is a generous arts grant of thirty three dollar and eighteen cents.

These moneys, they am not good here. Our moneys are pretty color and they has a picture of a old lady in a sparkly hat.

Still…art contest. How can a weasel resist?

Okay, mine isn’t quite finished, but here’s the current draft. Yes, the full sized one is color. The contest doesn’t close until Sunday, so I have time to get this just right.

It’s imitative of the moving style of Gig and Keane and their richly evocative pity kitties. I suppose you could call it a Pity President.

In the first draft, he was licking his sore paw. But somehow, painting the presidential tongue was kind of. I don’t know. You know?

Wot fink? 




September 28, 2009 — 6:28 pm
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