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The nearby village of Dallington, one of whose sons perished in Custer’s Last Stand.

Turns out, it’s not a very interesting story. They’re not sure what the guy’s name was or if it’s even true.

But I was surprised to read that 700 went in, but 268 died. I thought they were wiped out to a man.

We visited Little Bighorn when I was a kid. They buried the men where they fell and marked them with tombstones. There was one way off on a hill and my dad said to me, “look, that guy was running away.”

Wikipedia tells me Dallington Church was torn down in 1864 and rebuilt somewhere else. Just the old 15th C tower and spire were re-used.

Okay, you know what? That’s not very interesting either.

April 6, 2021 — 8:34 pm
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