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Hello? 1996?

Hey, remember when phones were getting smaller and smaller instead of bigger and more complicated?

Ran across this in a box of junque as I embarked on a Spring clean. Cleaning is something I’m not at all good at. For a big clean, what I generally do is start at the front door and work my way through the house foot by foot, sorting crap and cleaning as I go.

Everything I have a place for gets put away, but behind me as I move a wave grows of things that are probably useless but I’m unwilling to throw away. A spare electric toothbrush charger. The harmonica my father sent me shortly before he died. Allll the USB cables in the worrrrld.

At the end, I’m left with a hard knot of puzzling rubbish. Usually, it goes in a box and the box gets wheeled into the Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse.

I’m holding on to the phone, though. Could come in handy if they make us use the test and trace app.

April 13, 2021 — 7:54 pm
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