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We wuz robbed

Do you still doubt Obama’s genius? Could anyone else take the greatest PR coup in a century and turn it to shit in three days?

Not releasing the photos. And giving some sanctimonious bullshit waffle about why — before he goes to stand at Ground Zero for his 2012 election photo op.

He doesn’t own those photos. We do. We were wronged as a people and we have the right to see justice done. We watched office workers jump off the top floor of a skyscraper — jump rather than burn — and we have a right to see the dead face of the monster who ordered it.

This viewing of dead monsters has a long tradition. That’s Dillinger up there. My grandmother was one of the thousands who filed past the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde (she said they were dirty — old dirt, like people who hadn’t washed in a very long time).

Call it primitive, but it’s way down in our DNA. Things won’t be right until we see his face. Dead on a slab.

I thought that was the whole point of sending in the SEALs instead of bombing the complex flat.


Comment from drew458
Time: May 4, 2011, 10:30 pm

Yup, Obama screwed it up. No body, no pics, no video, no food for the pigs on the farm. And all that had to be decided AFTER the hit went down, when he’s known for more than 8 months that it was coming.

Dead pool: Jackie Cooper has died. He was 88.

Comment from EastAsia
Time: May 4, 2011, 10:32 pm

I’ve been told I’m simple and naive—which I am, but beside the point for this—but I can’t believe it never occurred to anyone in our gummit that they might want to show some proof. Any proof. I don’t mean to be a Deather, and I’m not, really, but…Nuthin’? You got nuthin’? Hell people don’t believe I went to Pismo for vacay unless I bring back a picture of me at the beach.

Comment from David Gillies
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:10 pm

All the people who come out of this looking good (the military, Panetta etc.) are competent people who’ve been doing this sort of stuff forever. The ones that are doing the Keystone Kops routine are Obama-era. Someone should have stuffed Joe Biden in a cupboard somewhere. As I read somewhere else: silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

I don’t know if it will make a huge difference to the conspiracy-mongers. Conspiracy theories are by their very nature unfalsifiable (which is what makes them so infuriating.) These days if you opened up a Lenin-style mausoleum for him*, never mind a trudge past a window, you’d still have the loons saying, “but…”

* and stuck him on a rotisserie like in a kebab shop

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:17 pm

Oh, nothing will silence the conspiracy people. Just as nothing will appease the angry Arab street. Why try?

I just want to see the sonofabitch with a hole in his head. It would soothe my jangled nerves.

Comment from Me
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:23 pm

Had a new drink the Osama.Yep Two shots and a splash of water. Show us the pictures !!!! Where’s the Beef/pork?

Comment from Spad13
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:26 pm

It’s even worse when you think about the fact that you and I (and all other American tax payers) paid for the lead and copper that the SEAL’s put thru his worthless pumpkin.

Hey Obie I’m the goddamn customer and I want to see my fuckin’ product.

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:27 pm

He made damn sure HE saw the pictures. And the rest of his team. Why was that important, but it’s not important for US to see them?

Comment from porknbean
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:35 pm

Silly infidels, questioning your betters.

Comment from Rich Rostrom
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:50 pm

So what’s that sticking up under the sheet? The “Dillinger Relic”?

Comment from steve
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:54 pm

I believe that I would have been kind of OK if we hadn’t said a damned thing about it, at all…

Let the Pakies leak it to the world that bin Laden was snatched from under their very eyes….and let his wife and kids tell Reuters that bin Laden took two in the hat on his way out the door…

And then stand around with a “Who? Us? I have no confirmation of that!” kind of non denial denial for the next several years.

Comment from Uncle Badger
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:00 am

23 skidoo, Rich – 23 skidoo.

Comment from Mark Matis
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:07 am

For steve:
Difficult to do with the broke chopper sitting there. Of course, that MAY have been planned to make sure the appropriate people KNEW who did it. But the propeller heads seem to think the bird did not get that way intentionally, based on how the remains look. And it would appear that they have seen more than one chopper post-crash.

Comment from James the lesser
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:09 am

Sending in the SEALs has the advantage that they can pick up a few souvenirs on the way out–like hard drives, documents, and other handy intelligence fodder. I don’t know if that occurred to the TOTUS, but the pros must have taken it into consideration. Also, with a bombing run you’ve no idea if you actually flattened the guy–a little bird might have whispered in his ear. I hear it happens a lot in Pakistan.

Comment from BuckNutty
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:17 am

I read on iowntheworld, heard on Fox, a suggestion to put the photos behind a pay wall and give the money to the families of the victims.

I really like that idea.

Comment from JeffS
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:38 am

I’d pay, BuckNutty.

Comment from PatAZ
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:47 am

How many times has the NY Times released confidential/secret info? If they don’t with this, it really means they are located in Obama’s rear area.

I want to see, we all deserve to see. Wonder if all the people in that room were made to pinky swear they wouldn’t tell/show anything.

Comment from Uncle Monkey
Time: May 5, 2011, 12:49 am

I’d expect nothing less from the asswipe.

And now, he’s going to ground zero for the first time to do a victory dance/photo op on the graves of 3000 people to show what a bad ass he is.

Then, expect a Hollywood production by fall.

We’ll see how Obama labored and choreographed the whole plan.

Scene: somewhere in Pakistan, night of raid. Sound of choppers and yelling in background.

Obama: [looks at monitor, then takes off coat and throws to ground] I’m going in there. These kids don’t know what they’re doing! I’ve worked too hard to let Osama slip through my fingers again!

[to aide] Get me my gear, PRONTO!

Aide: [moving to tent door to stop him] Sir NO! We can’t afford to lose you now! You should stay to coordinate…

Obama: [strapping on kevlar vest] I need to be there! Get out of my way or I’ll…

Hillary: [sneaks up from behind and knocks him out with rifle butt] I hated to have to do that.

Leon: It was the only way Hillary, the only way. [sobs] God help us – I hope we made the right decision. What if he’s right?


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Comment from EZnSF
Time: May 5, 2011, 1:28 am

I read some historical/social snippet a long time ago that public hangings in the old west days were not actually joyful occasions for the town-folk.

People didn’t go to watch with bloodlust, thinking it would be a party. They went to see justice done, and to give affirmation to the sanctity of civil society.

You know, they use to hang horse thieves. I’ve always thought we should hang car thieves.

Liberals. *spit*.

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 5, 2011, 1:47 am

This is why you have lost former friends and allies, and why people are flocking to China and Russia as they are looking like Golden Bastions of Freedom to the rest of the world.

If you play with America, you get bullied, cheated, and then sodomised up the Arse.
So much for fake Democracy and Freedom.

Oh, and didn’t Osama need dialysis? Didn’t see a dialysis machine there, didn’t see Osama there, nor a body …
Because there wasn’t one.

Comment from Scubafreak
Time: May 5, 2011, 1:50 am

More than likely, he’s holding them back so that they can be leaked in October 2012 to remind everyone of how wonderful he is toward the end of the campaign….

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 5, 2011, 1:52 am

What are you going to tell your Allies in the ‘war of terror’?

We shot Osama! We Shot Osama! No, we ditched the body asap in the Ocean. We gave him a nice Muslim funeral.
We were scared of what the Muslims might think you know.
No – we can’t show you the fotos, or the videos … sorry. You are not really our Allies, but just tag alongs to help us out … we don’t respect you enough.

But trust us, we shot Osama … and please stick with us through this phony war of terror.

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Comment from Anonymous
Time: May 5, 2011, 2:28 am

The question as to whether or not Bin Laden needed dialysis or not is undetermined. He stated that he didn’t, and no one ever proved that he did.


Stay away from facts as you’re not good at them. Stick to your opinions as they’re what I find amusing. Thanks.

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 5, 2011, 2:38 am

That’s Ok …. even the CIA published info that he was sick and receiving dialysis during the events leading up to 9/11.

When a BBC reporter first asked him about his part with planes flying into building, he didn’t know what was going on, and denied involvment with it.

Even your FBI has publically stated that they have no evidence that Osama Bin Laden was involved in 9/11.

Although I do know a few Jewish colleagues that were involved.

But don’t worry, everyone knows that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.

Comment from Sockless Joe
Time: May 5, 2011, 3:00 am

By *dithering* on whether to release the photos, Obumbles ensured that whatever decision he made was going to be the wrong one. Even if he released it now it would appear suspect.

I wanted to see the pic, but if he had just been clear from the outset that there wouldn’t be any public release then I might have felt a little better about it.

Comment from Nina from GCP
Time: May 5, 2011, 3:43 am

Someone over at HA said, in response to AP saying that he thinks that perhaps the 9-11 families could be allowed to see the photos, that WE’RE ALL ALL 9-11 FAMILIES.

And to that I say AMEN.

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 5, 2011, 4:06 am

It’s all over.
It’s not Osama bin Laden!


Speak for yourself Yank. You should be killing Obama for posting a fake birth certificate.

Comment from JuliaM
Time: May 5, 2011, 4:31 am

“Oh, nothing will silence the conspiracy people. Just as nothing will appease the angry Arab street. Why try?”

Because Obama and his cronies think that the reason the angry Arab street wasn’t appeased before was because they weren’t in charge.

They can do it, dammit!

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: May 5, 2011, 4:34 am

Hey Uncle Monkey…I was waiting for Part II of your skit…

Comment from Jypsea Rose
Time: May 5, 2011, 4:52 am

Peeps, here’s the real reason the WH changed their minds and decided not to release the photos. Because instead of the pics depicting Osama being treated with respect…they actually revealed something more like “Weekend At Bernies”. Osama posed in various situations with funny captions.

Comment from Scubafreak
Time: May 5, 2011, 5:26 am

Now THAT would be worth seeing…

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 5, 2011, 5:59 am

Well Scube, we’ve got our troops fighting for your fake war of terror.
Explanations are required.

Comment from David Gillies
Time: May 5, 2011, 7:05 am

The latest meme from the pansies is that the feed going out (in the middle of a firefight in Paki-fucking-stan) is suspicious. Because you remember how Ernie Pyle’s Twitter feed was such a hit back in 1944?

They said the Revolution would be televised. They never said small unit ops deep in the world’s rectum, at night, would be, and certainly not live. Call of Duty is a video game. Twats.

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Comment from some vegetable
Time: May 5, 2011, 2:57 pm

That’s better Oceania! You’re bacj on form today. Good snail hunting last night?

Comment from Montenegro
Time: May 5, 2011, 3:16 pm

A line from the Clint Eastwood movie “The Outlaw Josie Wales:
“I don’t want to hear Wales dead, I want to see Wales dead.”

You have to understand Mr. Obama. He is saving the photos until election time. He’ll trot them out in a year and a couple of months when they will help him get re-elected. That is if they really got him. LOL

Comment from The War Planner
Time: May 5, 2011, 4:43 pm

“Not releasing the photos. And giving some sanctimonious bullshit waffle about why — before he goes to stand at Ground Zero for his 2012 election photo op.”

Madame W:

You stole my post for today! Excellent — and spot-on — sentiments. Paraphrasing, Ann Coulter said it best, “Our taxes paid for the bullet that blew his brain pan apart, so they’re our photos.

On the subject of same, here’s an idea for you: photo-shop The PantLoad’s head onto Bush in that great picture of “W” and the fireman at GZ back in 2001. That ought to be a scream — and typical of the stolen glory that The Waffler wants glom onto!

(Also, I am still smarting because I did not get credit for suggesting your “Dead Pool” contest several moons ago. So you better be nice to me, otherwise I shan’t come to any soirees you invite me to.)

Comment from Christopher Taylor
Time: May 5, 2011, 5:06 pm

It was a moral imperative that we be shown every single repugnant detail of the 3 day aberration at Abu Ghraib which everyone knew would enrage and offend Muslim sensibilities, but we can’t be shown pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s dome?


Comment from Uncle Monkey
Time: May 5, 2011, 5:19 pm

Wonder if dickhead is going to go to the Pentagon too, or just do the photo-op at Ground Zero.

Maybe somebody shoulda told him that people got killed there too.

@ QuasiModo
Sorry, Dreamworks contacted me and we’re working out the final details on the screenplay – so I’ll be contractually obligated not to divulge any more.

Comment from Noelegy
Time: May 5, 2011, 9:10 pm

A local radio talk show host is referring to it as “Operation Take Our Word For It.” 🙂

Comment from Lemur King
Time: May 6, 2011, 1:04 am

Well said, Stoaty… well said.

Delicate muslim sensitivities, my ass. (grumbles curmudgeonly)

Comment from mojo
Time: May 6, 2011, 1:05 am

Make it cheap and tawdry. Not accidental.

Is it 2012 yet?

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Comment from QuasiModo
Time: May 6, 2011, 4:50 am

@UncleMonkey…that sucks. Isn’t that always the way though?…just when you start liking a show, it gets cancelled.

Comment from Oceania
Time: May 7, 2011, 12:53 am


First thing that was on the news on the BBC was that a cruise missile had struck the Pentagon, then it was a truck bomb … then it was a plane.

But with all those witnesses, you know, everyone knew what it was … with video footage to back it up.

Just like the killing of Bin Laden.
I wonder if he had a bit of ‘freezer burn’?

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