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Senate Underpants Gnomes debate global warmening

senate underpants gnomes

“This is easily the largest income redistribution scheme since the income tax.”

That’s from the excellent Wall Street Journal article on the Lieberman/Warner You Don’t Hate Unicorns, Do You? economic rape and pillage bill before the Senate today. Everyone acknowledges this one doesn’t have a prayer; they’re just softening us up for the real bill next year.

Because — back up and cover your buttholes, ladies and gentlemen — the next President of the United States believes in this shit.

Not global warmening — that’s just stupid. If people really believed that rubbish, they’d behave differently (I’m looking at you, Mister Gore). But there’s nothing a Senator believes in more passionately than sucking money out of the productive sector and blowing it into the hands of government, and this sucker would blow to the tune of THREE POINT THREE TWO TRILLION DOLLARS by 2050.

The floor fights aren’t about whether this economic ass-raping is a good idea, but about who gets how much for what. John Kerry, for example, is concerned about the effect of global warmening on “crustaceans” — shitting you I am not — so Boston lobstermen are in. There’s $802 billion for low income tax relief, which is odd since low income households pay little or no tax as it is. Walking around money, I guess.

There’s $190 billion to train people for ‘green-collar’ jobs (has any government training program other than the GI Bill ever done anything good for anybody?) and another $171 billion for mass transit project (yeah, those always work). There’s half a trillion dollars allocated for “wildlife adaptation” (which I guess means shuttling hippies and spotted owls around the country in brightly painted school buses) and $342 billion for international aid (wait, don’t we do that already?). There’s ice cream and bouncy castles and…oh, what fun we shall have!

I’m guessing the point of this trial balloon of a bill is to see how we, who are about to be reamed good and proper, react. I suggest we do so.

June 3, 2008 — 10:14 am
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Be on the lookout!


Trying to help a fellow painter out here. Twelve of Greg Stones’ matted and framed watercolors were stolen from his home in Glocester, RI (yes, Uncle B…for your information, that one we pronounce correctly) last Wednesday. The one pictured at left is Penguins, Baseball, Revolver.

Other examples of his oeuvre can be seen here. I’d particularly like to draw your attention to my favorites: Nude Observing Monster, the poignant Cavemen and Reaper and the intriguing Victim #2 (who willingly bares her breasts to the machete-wielding psychopath).

Sadly, Seven Penguins, One Poop is not reproduced.


— 8:03 am
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