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Gaze into the face of pure evil

puff, destoyer of worlds

Not kidding; this is a thoroughly rotten little fucker, this one. One of three feral siblings brought in (and probably spared on account of exceptional — but superficial — cuteness).

The other two are extremely shy and mayhap will hiss when you pet them. Not Beelzebub here. Attempting to pet him is like sticking your hand in a meat grinder.

After several days and small treats (he punched his sister, killed the spoon and dragged it behind the litterbox), I finally coaxed him into playing. Or, more precisely, “playing.”

I drag a puffball/jinglebell thing back and forth across the bars until, siezed with rage, he leaps forward, sinks his teeth into it and, growling and screaming, pulls it into the back of the cage with a series of sharp jerks.

Hates the jinglebell. Fucking hates the fucking jinglebell, lady. Got it?

One of his siblings is already homed. The other will probably be okay, too. This guy? If he ever makes it out of here, he’ll be back in a week. Doing twenty to life for assault with intent to murder.

June 13, 2008 — 4:52 pm
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