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Cheer up, minions! Kittens!


kittenKittens! Tender, delicious kittens! The Providence pound is full of ’em.

Eleven, at the moment. All too young to play with. They just bumble around and scream and shit.

More on the way. Two of the girls in the front room are with kitten, alas. (One of them looks so much like my photo of Damien that the Kitteh Wrangler called me in to have a look, on the off-chance that I don’t know a testicle when I see one).

So it looks like my PR campaign — Have Your Pets Spayed Or I Will Personally Come to Your Home and Break Your Nose with a Tire Iron — hasn’t been 100% successful yet.


June 4, 2008 — 1:46 pm
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