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Hungry, hungry Akismet

Balls said the queen

Oops! I just fished some people out of the filter (and I think I missed a couple the first time through and probably biffed them). Apologies all around. In defense of Akismet, it got four or five wrong in a couple of hundred. My mistake was letting it go so long without checking (see, you have to click two links now that I’ve uploaded a new WordPress, and some days I just don’t have the energy). Anyhow, I just downloaded and installed the latest version, so let’s hope it’s a little less retarded.

Felix had one stuck in there about going to PetSmart today to see about adopting this little furhead. Good luck, Felix. He, she or it looks good enough to have with coffee after a big meal.

And Uncle B just called from the country fair. He’s been to Rent-A-Weasel. They’re going to bring ferrets out and Do Something about our little runnybabbit problem. Free of charge, in exchange for all the adorable fluffy baby bunnies they can catch.

They’re taking them to a petting zoo up North so small children can squeeze them and stroke their lovely bunnysoft fur. Isn’t that right, Uncle B?

June 7, 2008 — 12:30 pm
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