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It’s the Circle of Liiiiiiiiiife

worms playing cards


Well! As of today, all (but one) of the original complement of pussoes at the shelter have either been adopted or…done that other thing. I think, with that, my grossly misplaced sense of personal responsibility is more or less satisfied. I think I’ll give Meowschwitz a rest for a while.

There’s a retired dude who tends to show up just as I’m leaving and I have the feeling I horned in on his gig. The front office calls him “the second shift” and the kittehs are, like, “no thanks, we’ve already eaten and had head skritchies.”

But fear not. It’s never long before I find more of somebody else’s bidness to stick my snout into.

June 26, 2008 — 12:34 pm
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